Juniper Care

Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy

Specialising in Autism, Learning Disabilities and Complex Needs


Experienced Knowledge


With extensive aromatherapy, massage and specialist training, alongside experience in supporting people with additional needs, the therapist has the understanding and experience to choose the most beneficial treatment plan to suit the needs of the individual.  

Therapists Who Care


Previous care and support work experience gives our therapists the confidence to adapt the approach for each massage session to ensure that the clients' needs are met. Changes can be made to the session when needed. This provides a calm and happy environment for each client

At Juniper Care we are passionate about providing the same opportunities for people on the autism spectrum, who have physical or learning disabilities and/or additional needs. We offer aromatherapy massage treatments within residential care homes, supported living services and day care centres across the Midlands.

‘ I find my weekly massages relaxing and I enjoy chilling out after my massage. I think the oils smell nice and they make me feel relaxed. The oils make me go to sleep.’



'I like using the 'fruity' oils for my massages such as Mandarin and relaxing oils like Lavender. Sometimes I have my massage in a comfy chair and sometimes I have it on the massage bed. The sessions on a Friday make me feel relaxed and I enjoy being with my friends.'  


Sensory Activities & Communication

‘If you listen, you will hear us’