What We Do

What sets Juniper Care apart is that our main focus is providing aromatherapy massage treatments that are effective for the individual. This will mean that in many cases there will be no pre-conceived methods or expectations, but rather an approach that suits the personal needs of the individual. Responses to light sensitivity, sound, environment, colours, touch and smells are important factors to consider when delivering a treatment.



We use aromatic essential oils varying from citrus, floral and woody tones. The calming scent of the essential oils help to reduce anxiety, aid relaxation and have many healing properties.



We use light and deep pressure massage dependant upon the sensitivity of the client. A soft touch blanket can be used to add comfort and can be used as an object of reference.



Visual adaptations can help the client feel calm within their environment. The use of sensory candles, dimmed lighting or familiar objects can assist in providing a setting for a positive therapy session.



How we deal with sound within a massage session depends on the needs of the client. We offer a choice of ambient relaxation music and sounds, or quieter surroundings if considered more appropriate for the client.

Our Sessions


Group Session

In the session we listen to calming music and simply enjoy the different smells of the essential oils. During the session each client has a Juniper Care aromatherapy massage treatment with a bespoke essential oil blend. It is our aim to make the session fun, relaxing and a great environment to chill out in.   

Whilst clients are waiting for their bespoke massage they have the opportunity to use massage aids such as vibration cushions and to relax next to our colour changing essential oil diffuser. Juniper Care provides soft touch blankets for clients to make themselves cozy under. Our clients often love to fall asleep during the session, lie on the floor or even wander around. We encourage any form of relaxation!


1 to 1 Session

At Juniper Care we strongly believe that every individual is different and therefore we offer one to one massage treatments which enables us to tailor the treatment to suit any person. We try to understand how the client responds to touch very early on in the treatment plan. This enables us to adapt the treatment, varying from light or deeper pressure.  

We can adapt the treatment in any way possible. Changing the environment, sounds and smells can often make a big difference on how our clients with learning disabilities or challenging behaviour respond to their massage treatments.

Sensory Activities & Communication

‘If you listen, you will hear us’